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Common fault analysis of transformer and its treatment measures!

Fault condition of transformer
Substation staff on duty in the transformer operation found abnormal scene, should try to quickly eliminate, and imtely stated superior leadership and record. When the transformer is found to be in serious trouble, the transformer should be stopped without dispatching the statement. If a running transformer is available, put it into operation as soon as possible, and then indicate scheduling and leadership. Such as:
1, transformer dynamic and obvious increase, very abnormal, there is a burst inside.
2, severe oil spills or fuel injection, so that the oil surface to lower than the oil level planning instructions limit.
3, the casing has severe damage and discharge scene.
4, transformer smoke fire.
Fault treatment of transformer
First, the transformer dynamic and obvious increase, it is not normal, there is a burst inside.
1, to check the transformer load and cooling medium temperature, and compared with the same load and cooling conditions;
2, check the temperature measurement equipment;
3, check whether the radiator valve is turned on, the cooling equipment or transformer room ventilation is not normal. If the above are normal, the oil temperature is 10 degrees higher than the previous conditions, and is still continuing to rise, the transformer can be identified within the fault, such as iron core or inter turn short circuit. The core ignition was probably formed a vortex, or through the clamping screws contacted with the iron core, or insulating silicon steel sheet is damaged, at the moment, differential maintenance maintenance action of gas. Core fire gradually lead to oil gradually darken, and because the combustion part temperature rises rapidly so that oil temperature increased gradually, and reached the ignition point temperature, this is very dangerous, if not timely removal of transformer, is likely to fire or explosion. Therefore, the higher authority shall be declared to stop the transformer and to maintain it.
Two, the main transformer oil leakage and fire.
When the transformer leaks a lot and the oil level is rapidly lowered, stop heavy gas maintenance instead of acting on the signal only. Because the oil level is too low (below the top), no heavy gas maintenance action on tripping will lead to damage to lead insulation. "Sometimes the transformer internal discharge sound hissing, and the transformer cover formed under the air layer, there should be a great risk, so it is necessary to take prompt measures to obstruct the oil spill. When the transformer is on fire, the power shall be cut off and the running cooler stopped. If the cover is on fire, such as the transformer is installed far away from the body trouble drain valve, should open the oil drain valve trouble, will put the oil below the fire department put the oil tank, together with carbon dioxide or sand machine to save life, and pay attention to the oil flow direction, to avoid the fire and other fire equipment to expand.
Three 、 main transformer maintenance action.
1, gas maintenance action processing.
Gas maintenance according to the nature of the incident is different, the movement of the situation can be divided into two kinds: one is action on the signal, not tripping; the other is a combination of both attacks.
Light gas maintenance operations generally have the following factors:
A the air is fed into the transformer for oil filtration, refueling, and the introduction of a powerful oil circulation device;
B, due to lower temperatures or oil spills, resulting in a slow loss of oil surface;
C causes a small amount of gas due to an external short circuit;
D, because of the influence of external through short-circuit current;
E, malfunction caused by insulation damage of DC circuit or deterioration of contact point.
Lead to heavy gas maintenance factors tripping, probably because of the transformer internal fault attack serious, oil slashing or maintenance equipment two circuit fault; in some situations, such as air separation after maintenance oil too quickly, may also make the heavy gas maintenance action on the trip.
After the gas signal is attacked, the acoustic signal should be stopped first, and the factors of the gas relay action should be examined. If the above factors are not formed, the gas in the gas relay shall be collected, and the fault nature shall be determined on the basis of the amount, the color, and the flammability of the gas. If the gas in the gas relay is colorless, odorless and nonflammable, the chromatographic fans are identified as air, the transformer will continue to operate and the air intake defects will be eliminated in time. If the gas is flammable, the flash point of the oil is lower than that of the past by more than 5 DEG C, indicating that there is a fault in the transformer, it is necessary to stop processing, and timely statements of the higher leadership, is strictly prohibited to send electricity rashly.
2 、 differential and quick cutting maintenance action.
When the main maintenance (differential or quick cut) of the transformer is operated on tripping, if there is a spare transformer, the standby transformer should be put into the first and then checked on the various parts of the maintenance scale.
A, check whether the transformer bushing is in good condition and whether there is flashover on the busbar of the connection transformer;
B to see if the cable head is damaged and whether the cable is moving.
If you do not see the above results, you should find out if there is any fault in the transformer. When the transformer is operating, the transformer is not allowed to switch on and send the power. Occasionally, differential maintenance may cause malfunction when short circuits are maintained outside of its maintenance scale. If the transformer operation no traces of the conditions can be from zero to do the step-up transformer after sending electricity; no conditions, should view the differential DC circuit maintenance. If the transformer is found to be faulty, it can be switched on without load. After the switch is turned on, it can be connected with another line when it is checked normally.
If everything is accurate when tripping, it is possible to maintain equipment malfunction. At the moment, the breakers and barrier switches on each side should be disconnected, and the whole set of equipment for differential maintenance shall be tested by the experimental personnel. If the differential maintenance action is accurate, it is necessary to find out and eliminate the fault, and then the transformer will be allowed to vote

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