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Silicon steel sheet for transformer material

For transformer, silicon steel sheet is the main material to form the core of transformer. Silicon steel is a kind of steel containing silicon (silicon, also called silicon), and its silicon content is from 0.8% to 4.8%. The core of a transformer made of silicon steel is that the silicon steel itself is a kind of magnetic material with strong magnetic conductivity. It can produce larger magnetic induction intensity in the energized coil, so that the volume of the transformer can be reduced.
In the AC state, the power loss of the transformer is not only on the resistance of the coil, but also in the iron core under the magnetizing of alternating current. Usually the power loss in the core is called "iron loss", and the iron loss is caused by two reasons. One is "hysteresis loss", and the other is "eddy current loss"". The hysteresis loss is the iron loss that occurs during the magnetization of the iron core due to hysteresis. The size and material of the hysteresis loss of the surrounded area is proportional to the hysteresis loop of silicon steel is narrow, with its core hysteresis loss of the transformer is smaller, so that it can greatly reduce the degree of have a fever.
When the transformer works, there is alternating current in the coil, and the magnetic flux produced of it is of course alternating. The changing flux induces an electric current in the core. Inducedcurrents in the plane perpendicular to the direction of the Zitong in circulation, so called eddy current loss, also the core have a fever. To minimize eddy current losses, the core of the transformer is laminated with insulated silicon steel sheets to allow the eddy current to pass through the narrow loop through smaller sections to increase the electrical limit of the smooth flow of the vortex. At the same time, silicon in silicon steel makes the resistivity of the material increase, and also play a role in reducing eddy current.
It can be seen that the silicon steel sheet plays an important role in the transformer and determines the service life of the transformer

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