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How to increase the life of transformer silicon steel sheet

After deion and recrystallization annealing, the alloy with the preferred orientation of the grain is used to make all kinds of transformers, fluorescent ballasts and stator cores of turbo generator. In transmission and distribution systems, about 40% of the power consumed is in the transformer, while the total loss of the transformer is about 50% of the iron loss and copper loss. Therefore, it is very important for all the energy saving and carbon reduction enterprises to continuously reduce the iron loss of the oriented silicon steel, and to achieve high efficiency and energy saving of the transformer.
The iron core size is directly related to the quality of the silicon steel used to make the core. Although a lot of work has been done in decreasing the iron loss, the recent operation indicates a further decline in iron loss, and the following measures can be adopted.
(1) remove the bottom layer of magnesium silicate, make the surface of steel plate more lubricated, improve the mobility of 180 degree domain wall and the uniformity of magnetization. The production of MgO+ chloride or Al2O3 based isolation agent, can be made to the appearance of increasingly lubricated steel plate.
(2) thinning of steel strip can further decrease eddy current loss. Many of the commodities that are produced and used today are 0.27mm and 0.23mm thicknesses. Laboratory work marked. If the thickness is reduced to 0.15mm, its iron loss can be higher than the current 0.23mm thickness, trademark products dropped by about 50%.
(3) after laser irradiation, mechanical processing and nicks, dentate or plasma eruptions treatment oriented silicon steel appearance with vertical to the rolling direction is placed shortcomings, can refine the domain, cut the eddy loss effect.
Meanwhile, laser treatment has shown an excellent use prospect. Because the abnormal eddy current loss is proportional to the magnetic domain width, the domain width is reduced to reduce the iron loss effectively. Laser processing skills is to use the characteristics of it rapid heating and cooling, crossed on oriented silicon steel sheet surface, promote the occurrence of small plastic deion and high dislocation density heating zone, cut the main domain wall, and residual tensile stress occurred at the same time, intent on reaching the domain refining and drop loss. The operation shows that the laser processing has obvious effect on the loss of iron loss, and the greater the initial value of iron loss, the greater the percentage of iron loss will be after laser processing.
The experimental results indicate that the laser distance is not too small, otherwise the laser zone adjacent each other, resulting in the coating of many of the original Zhang Yingli release, cut down the effect of iron loss. In addition, the silicon steel sheet after laser processing can not be processed at more than 800 degrees celsius.
The problems that still exist in the laser treatment are that the surface insulation coating of silicon steel sheet is damaged or damaged due to the zigzag deion of the sheet. The coating coating method is used to solve the problem of coating damage. Domestic operations indicate that the surface damage of pulsed laser processing depends primarily on the pulse width and its peak power. Adding pulse width and cutting peak power can effectively overcome this question. When the pulse width is increased to 750 s, the surface is only lightly processed by laser, and the insulation is not damaged a little. Accordingly, it is possible to thoroughly deal with the damage of the coating formed by pulsed laser processing by continuously adding pulse width and cutting down peak power.

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