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Introduction to transformers

Product Brief
UV transformer adopts magnetic leakage voltage increasing principle and dry-type transformer used in special occasions. Imported silicon steel sheet and vacuum technology, effectively improve the product quality and service life. Can be imported equipment, UV light source supporting the use, dedicated to UV glazing, UV curing, PS printing, etc.. The style of transformer is vertical, horizontal, power from 3KW-25KW. The lamp tube, transformer and capacitor are complete matching systems. The choice of the transformer must match the power of the UV lamp. That is, the transformer must have enough output voltage to ensure that the UV lamp works with full power. If the output voltage is too high, the lamp will be burned; while the output voltage is too low, the lamp can not work full power, so that the ultraviolet output is not enough.
Product features
The product adopts magnetic leakage boosting principle, which has the advantages of stable performance, quick start, low noise, low heat, power consumption and energy saving. It can be used in conjunction with imported equipment UV light source. It is a special magnetic leakage transformer for UV. It has vertical, horizontal and imported style. Imported silicon steel sheet, scientific design, strict production process, with stable performance, high efficiency and low energy consumption etc., is an ideal supporting power UV curing.
Matters needing attention
1, the transformer shall not overload operation.
2, resistive load, according to the load electrical equipment rated power 1.2-15 times custom. Inductive load electric equipment rated power 1.5-2 times top system.
3. All wiring specifications comply with GB GB13028-91 requirements and must be in good contact.
4. The transformer should be installed in a well ventilated place. The non conductive part of the device must be earthed and must be in good contact.
5, transformer use conditions have changed, or transformers have special requirements, please specify when ordering.
6, when using, found no ultraviolet light, please stop to check whether the UV capacitor is bad, if the capacitor is bad, continue to use, will burn the transformer.
7 and UV transformers must be matched with the corresponding UV tube and corresponding capacitor.
8, before wiring, to see clearly the input terminal and output terminal connection.

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