Our mother company,Cheung Fat Marketing Co.,Ltd.was founded in 1980 in Hong Kong.Early business was dealed in variety of metals,mechanical elements and household appliance products. An annexe plant was set up later for marking the precision tools. In1994, the plant was moved to Jiangmen city of Guangdong,China under the name Jiangmen Cheung Shun Electrical Products Ltd., established as the domestic affiliate. In the meantime, we imported up-to-date pressfacilities to prduce high quality electrical steel laminations. Since products quality, manufacturing skills and customer service have been constantly improved, a good reputation has been set up among our customers,bringing a sustained development in our business. In order to get the more efficient space to fulfill this increasing growth, a new building was constructed on 150,000 sqft in 2005. We continually update our facilities and improve our production technique with the aim to provide high quality products and satisfying service,whereas the customers'support and confidence are vital to lead us to this objective. Our major products are precision electrical steel laminations including standard and custom non-standard/special shape. Besides we also produce various metal parts & accessories. Our products can be exported directly and also can be sold in the local market by value-added tax invoice. Please contact us for your next lamination requirement.


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